APANO Statewide Listening Circle Tour is Back!

APANO is excited to announce dates for our 2017 Statewide Listening Circle Tour to deepen our member engagement and listen to voices in our communities. We envision a just world where Asian and Pacific Islander (API) community experiences are prioritized and reflected in the issues and policies we advocate for.

What is a […]

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EPALF: A Funny Acronym for a Serious Festival

by Candace Kita
Cultural Work & Development Coordinator

What would it look like to dedicate a day to our stories of moving, migrating, longing, and belonging? Amid these times of endless change, APANO’s first-ever East Portland Arts & Literary Festival — a full day creative festival on Saturday, September 23 […]

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Thank You, Carol!

The story of our tenant organizing in the Jade District is inseparable from Carol’s time here at APANO. As Carol moves on from her position as the Chinese Outreach Associate to dedicate herself to her full-time business, we here at APANO want to take a moment to thank Carol for all she’s done […]

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APANO Condemns the Cruel Rescinding of DACA

Five years ago, the United States government created the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) Program. Nearly 800,000 people took the courageous step to apply for DACA – including over 11,000 Oregonians, and over 100,000 identifying as Asian and/or Pacific Islander. That’s 800,000 young adults who have been able to contribute to their […]

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Understanding Identity Through API-CLI

by Sheena Ino
API-CLI Year 5 Fellow

Growing up as a mixed-race kid in San Jose, CA, I was always aware of two things: my “mixed-ness” and that I was part of the umbrella of being Asian. People would always ask not knowing where to place me, “Oh, what are you?” or “Where are you from?” and on cue at an […]

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