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“Passages”: In Celebration of Outer Space

In Taiwan, the Hsinchu Science Park is the dream of an “Asia Silicon Valley” — a passage of information from the West to East and back again — and a fantasy of Western power. 

I was born in Silicon Valley, California to Taiwanese parents in 1997, the same year that local residents […]

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Cultural Work Roundup August 2019

Stay hydrated and support your favorite artists and cultural workers around town this month! Find some of our picks below.


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Cultural Work Roundup July 2019

/// July 2019 ///

Summer’s officially here, complete with some very refreshing arts and cultural events. Plus, check out the full lineup for APANO’s AMP (Arts & Media Project) Summer Series — see attached!



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Cultural Work Roundup June 2019

Get outside on a picnic blanket, on a patio, or anywhere under the sun for arts and culture this month. Plus, we are proud to launch two distinct summer event series at APANO: our AMP Summer Series (formerly known as MicCheck!), a lineup of unique events led by cultural workers in our community, […]

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Families, Reimagined: Visual Artwork by Ameya Marie

In celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we present our “Families, Reimagined” art series! Organizations like APANO have long recognized the diversity of families and have been working to expand definitions of family in legislative policy. To explore this expansive notion further, we commissioned six artists to create original artwork responding to changing definitions […]

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