Understanding Identity Through API-CLI

by Sheena Ino
API-CLI Year 5 Fellow

Growing up as a mixed-race kid in San Jose, CA, I was always aware of two things: my “mixed-ness” and that I was part of the umbrella of being Asian. People would always ask not knowing where to place me, “Oh, what are you?” or “Where are you from?” and on cue at an […]

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APANO Youth Win Key Step for Ethnic Studies in Portland Public Schools


April 20, 2016

Contact:  Luann Algoso
Community Engagement Manager
luann@apano.org, 971-340-4861

APANO Youth Win Key Step for Ethnic Studies in Portland Public Schools

Portland, Ore. – Yesterday the APANO-led Ethnic Studies resolution was introduced to the Board of Education Teaching and Learning Committee, and ethnic […]

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API-CLI Builds Leadership and Solidarity Across Communities

by Kara Carmosino
Training Manager

When I first learned about the API Community Leadership Institute (API-CLI), the eight-month leadership institute led by IRCO Asian Family Center in partnership with APANO, I was compelled to apply from hearing about the opportunities to build connections with other leaders and communities within the Asian and […]

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Welcome our Seeding Change Fellows!

APANO is honored to host Seeding Change Fellows, Hera Mir, Heidi Qin, and Monie Seto!

The National Fellowship Program for Asian American Organizing and Civic Engagement develops the leadership of a new generation of activists and organizers who are deeply invested in building the power of and improving the lives of working-class Asian immigrant communities. Running from […]

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Apply for the Asian Pacific Islander Community Leadership Institute (API-CLI)!

The Asian Pacific Islander Community Leadership Institute (API-CLI) was founded in 2011 with the vision of building the leadership capacity of community leaders and of building collaborative alliances and partnerships among Asian Pacific Islander (API) communities to address racial and ethnic disparities. The Institute is led by Immigrant and Refugee Community/Asian Family Center […]

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