Cultural Work Roundup June 2019

Get outside on a picnic blanket, on a patio, or anywhere under the sun for arts and culture this month. Plus, we are proud to launch two distinct summer event series at APANO: our AMP Summer Series (formerly known as MicCheck!), a lineup of unique events led by cultural workers in our community, […]

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Video Production (Contract)

Description of Work:

We are looking for a film artist/videographer to collaborate with and produce a video with a community-centered look and feel for our Voices of Change event. This project runs between March – May, with deliverable deadlines varying depending on the item. The vision is to have one cohesive video to be […]

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November 2016 Elections: Attorney General

Attorney General

Daniel Zene Crowe: www.OregonsLawyer.org

1. What racial/cultural/ethnic identities do you claim?

Crowe –  My Mom was adopted, so it’s pretty unclear where she came from. My Mom’s adoptive parents were German; my Dad’s family is Welsh, Scotch, and Irish.

However, as a Soldier, I worked alongside […]

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