Video Production (Contract)

Description of Work:

We are looking for a film artist/videographer to collaborate with and produce a video with a community-centered look and feel for our Voices of Change event. This project runs between March – May, with deliverable deadlines varying depending on the item. The vision is to have one cohesive video to be […]

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November 2016 Elections: Attorney General

Attorney General

Daniel Zene Crowe: www.OregonsLawyer.org

1. What racial/cultural/ethnic identities do you claim?

Crowe –  My Mom was adopted, so it’s pretty unclear where she came from. My Mom’s adoptive parents were German; my Dad’s family is Welsh, Scotch, and Irish.

However, as a Soldier, I worked alongside […]

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Register to vote by April 26th for Oregon’s Primaries!

by Kathy Wai
Policy Advocacy Coordinator

As part of our vision to build more power, visibility and increase the turnout of our communities in important election years,  APANO encourages our members to register to vote! In order to be eligible, you must be at least 17 years old and a U.S. citizen. When you vote, […]

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