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Through an organization-wide leadership development model, APANO aims to grow the analysis, skills and confidence of Asian and Pacific Islanders to take action to improve their lives and achieve social justice for future generations. We meet people where they are, ask critical questions, discuss the issues that are impacting their lives, collectively develop shared analyses, and support them in taking action and leadership together. In doing so, we are building the capacity of those most affected to take collective action for stronger, healthier and more resilient local communities, supporting an organized movement for long-term systemic change. APANO is particularly focused on ongoing organizing and support for young people (e.g. youth and students) to build up the next generation of leaders.

The Asian Pacific Islander Community Leadership Institute (API-CLI) was founded in 2011 with the vision of building the leadership capacity of community leaders and of building collaborative alliances and partnerships among Asian Pacific Islander (API) communities to address racial and ethnic disparities. The Institute is led by Immigrant and Refugee Community/Asian Family Center (IRCO/Asian Family Center) in partnership with the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO). It is one of six culturally-specific leadership programs funded by the Meyer Memorial Trust through the Coalition of Communities of Color.

These leadership programs are a response to the pervasive racial and ethnic inequities faced by communities of color here in Oregon. Within the context of culture, each leadership program empowers and makes visible communities of color, immigrants and refugees, expands the pathways for social inclusion, increases civic engagement and networking in communities of color, and builds culturally-specific social capital.

Our innovative leadership program uses a popular education model in its leadership skills curriculum to engage and empower community leaders. With staff support, Fellows have the opportunity of working in teams based on their expertise to design and facilitate these workshops.

The Institute has accepted a diverse cohort of API leaders from across the state to join our Senior Cohort Fellows in building an API leadership network.

Community Organizing for Advocacy and Leadership (CORAL) is APANO’s year-round series of workshops, issue forums and experiential opportunities that build the analysis, skills and confidence of Asian and Pacific Islanders in Oregon.  Through CORAL, we aim to prepare members for success in leadership positions in the nonprofit, government and private sectors.

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