We believe long-term, social change requires a deep examination of how our public and private institutions operate.  Achieving social justice requires structures and systems that ensure the rights, resources and recognition our communities need to thrive.  APANO’s Policy Advocacy work develops out of our community organizing and leadership development programs, with the goal of winning concrete changes in local ordinances, state and federal legislation, ballot measures, and other public policy.  Our work is grounded in participatory research and data analysis, with strong coalition building in order to win campaigns.

The 2015 Oregon Legislative Session has wrapped up 5 months of intensive budget and policy making and APANO’s major goals were achieved. Our priorities have developed from years of listening circles, community forums, and one on one conversations with members that have surfaced issues that affect our Asian & Pacific Islander children and families. With our vision for racial justice, health equity and strong families, and a growing base of member-leaders, APANO has led and supported campaigns that are transforming Oregon into a state where all people have the rights, resources and recognition needed to thrive. We hope you will take pride in our gains and accomplishments that are the result of our collective, growing policy advocacy.

Read a recap of our work during the 2015 legislative session here.

To learn more about APANO’s ongoing policy work and how you can be involved, please contact Kathy Wai, Policy Coordinator kathy@apano.org or 971-340-4861.

Our Families, Our Health
APANO and our health equity partners continue to fight for our families have the rights, resources and recognition we need to thrive. We are launching “Our Families, Our Health” to hear from members around the state, and better understand their barriers to healthcare. APANO aims to secure full coverage for all Oregonians, regardless of citizenship status, where they live, who they are, or how much money they make, to affordable, culturally competent health insurance.

Read more about the current campaign here.

Missing Pages of our History Ethnic Studies campaign
With an increasing population of students of color in Portland Public Schools, with about 46% enrolled high school students in 2014 being non-white students, still only one PPS High School offers an Ethnic Studies class. ALLY students have stated that because our histories aren’t reflected in our textbooks, it’s harder to stay engaged and be successful in school. And because most curriculum is Euro-centric, students of color may never have the opportunity to learn about the contributions of our communities in the US.

Read more about the current campaign here.

Anti-Displacement and Building Resilient Communities
Gentrification and displacement remain one of the threats to the stability of the community, and APANO and the Jade District is committed to advocating for policy changes that will mitigate the displacement effects that rising housing costs, a lack of affordable housing, and new public investments in the area will bring. This advocacy includes joining coalitions that support anti-displacement policies, including Anti-Displacement PDX and supporting affordable housing enterprises such as ROSE CDC and more. We also know that the Powell-Division Transit and Development Project will greatly impact the neighborhood, and we are continually working on ensuring that all public investments in the area go to benefit the community that currently resides in the area, rather than working to displace them.

For more information about this campaign, please contact Jade Environmental Justice Coordinator, Khanh Pham at khanh@apano.org.

Lobby Day is an opportunity to influence the decisions being made around us in areas of health, education, and economic justice. It is a day-long event where APANO members use their collective strengths to advance equity through empowering, organizing and advocating with our communities to engage in meaningful conversations with our elected officials. A series of legislative trainings take place prior to the day of action at the state capitol, preparing members in crafting their stories, using their voice, and learning about the meeting format when meeting their elected officials. At APANO, we know that real change in our community starts with organized people who work together to identify and advocate on the issues we care about.

To read about the stories and experiences of our 2015 Lobby Day, read the blog post here.