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APANO has led and supported campaigns that are transforming Oregon into a state where all people have the rights, recognitions, and resources needed to thrive. APANO’s Political Advocacy and Civic Engagement work is fueled by volunteers and community members, and comes out of our community organizing and leadership development programs, with the goal of winning concrete changes in local ordinances, state and federal legislation, ballot measures, and other public policy. It seeks to elevate issues through community engagement, policy research, mobilizing voters, and coordinating grassroots advocacy statewide.

Opportunities to review demographic and policy data to help shape analysis and inform APANO’s political agenda. Learn how to leverage research, writing skills, and data to influence policy change. APANO hopes to bring on Academic school year research interns in Fall 2017.

APANO Lobby Day is an opportunity to influence the decisions being made by elected officials about issues that effect our community. It is a day-long event hosted at the Salem Capital where APANO members use their collective stories to advance equity in meaningful conversations directly with our elected officials and their staff. Legislative training prepare members to craft their stories and learn about the ongoing advocacy work at the State Capital.

Campaigning and organizing effective voter turnout and political education activities around specific candidates, ballot measure campaigns, and issue areas. Creating messaging that will turnout and engage API voters. Volunteer opportunities for direct voter engagement to educate voters, including canvassing, phonebanking, writing letters to the editor, and speaker trainings.

The New American Voters Project is a year-long voter-registration program that is headed by Oregon Voice in partnership with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Each week, a team of volunteers from APANO attend the Naturalization Ceremony in hopes of registering newly naturalized citizens. NAVP Volunteers are trained and authorized to help these new citizens complete their voter registration card, often using their language skills and cultural knowledge. Weekly ceremonies, usually Monday-Thursday from 2:00-3:00 pm, are held at the USCIS building in NW Portland.