Saturday marks one year since a known white supremacist began harassing two women of color on Portland’s public transit system. When three people stepped in to de-escalate the situation, he attacked them—two of the men died and the third was seriously injured.

This heartbreaking event did not happen in isolation.

From Oregon’s founding as a “whites only” state to the savage murder of college student Mulageta Seraw in 1988 to last year’s horrific murders, Oregonians have long struggled with white supremacy.

And it continues today.

A hate group with deep ties to the white supremacist movement is seeking to repeal Oregon’s 30-year-old sanctuary law, opening the door to rampant racial profiling.

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Immigrants to Oregon are our friends, colleagues, family and neighbors.

But if Oregon’s sanctuary law is repealed, we know more there will be many more incidents like the one Isidro Andrade-Tafolla and his wife Renee Selden-Andrade experienced last fall.

An immigrant from Mexico, Isidro has called Oregon home for more than three decades—he’s been a U.S. citizen for 25 years.

None of that mattered to the federal immigration agents who racially profiled him and Renee outside the Washington County Courthouse in September.

The experience was frightening, humiliating and wrong.

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Oregon is our home—immigrants are welcome here.

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