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Paulina S. Perman is from Pohnpei Micronesia with a diverse ancestral background (Micronesia, Malaysia and Germany). She has lived in Oregon for 29 years. She is a graduate of Western Oregon State College, and has worked for the State of Oregon for over 20 years as an accounting tech and auditor.  Paulina is married with four children (2 daughters & 2 sons), a son-in-law and a grandson. She enjoys serving for multiple ministries at her Church, reading spiritual books and DIY books, watching foreign movies, playing softball and travel. Currently, Paulina also volunteers as treasurer for the following nonprofit organizations: Compact of Free Association Alliance National Network (CANN), Living Islands Non-profit and Micronesian Islander Community (MIC). She is a co-organizer of the first annual International Women’s Day celebration for Micronesian islander women living in the Pacific Northwest.