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Theodora Ko Thompson is a peranakan nonya from Singapore, has traveled widely and speaks several languages. A lifelong learner, she believes that understanding the traditions, cultures of others is what weaves the fabric of society. She advances awareness on race, gender  and equity issues on the SEIU 503 Board, 503 Civil and Human Rights and Committee, and SEIU sub-local U of O Executive leadership. In 2012, inspired by the civil rights and labor movement that advanced the rights of workers and those of the common good, she joined in the 47th anniversary Selma to Montgomery march.  On staff at the University of Oregon, she serves on University of Oregon Senate, is involved in Senate committees including the Senate Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Advisory Group advocating for diversity, respect in the workplace, access and opportunity to training and education, and conducts an annual “Continuing Your Education” informational seminar for classified staff in the summer.