Bea Yeh Ogden moved to Portland, Oregon from San Francisco, CA in 1999 to attend Reed College. She graduated in 2003 with a BA in English after completing her thesis exploring poetry written by Chinese immigrants while detained at the Angel Island Immigration Station from 1910 – 1940. After pursuing educational and professional experiences in Medical Anthropology and Veterinary Medicine, Bea decided to found a non-profit art organization called Cloud.Break. The mission of Cloud.Break is to curate sanctuary: to create unique art worlds in unexpected places where healing and dialogue can occur. Bea is an artist, environmentalist, non-profit administrator, curator, and event producer: she has worked for the Portland Institute of Contemporary Art, the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts, and, most recently, the Pacific Northwest College of Art. Bea completed her MS in Arts Administration and Museum Studies from the University of Oregon after completing her thesis exploring how museum exhibitions can create transformative educational experiences for visitors.

Social justice, empowered healing, and community fortitude are intertwined in all the work Bea undertakes including event production.  As the APANO Community & Event Space Manager, Bea will bring her experience to co-create and lead a space that courageously imagines a just and equitable world where community is celebrated, and sanctuary is everywhere.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers