Linh is 1.5 generation Vietnamese-American who came to the states with her parents and brother in 1980 and grew up in Houston, Texas. She’s been in Portland 7 years and has grown to love it more each year.

She has been connected to her community since childhood, when her parents were involved with non-profit organizations and social activism, but only understood it more deeply when she worked with various organizations in Houston. She also grew up in an environment where self-employment was a path toward independence and empowerment, and gave one the opportunity to help others.

She joined the Jade District team because she believes that a multi-ethnic diverse community can thrive and flourish, and ethnically-owned small businesses are crucial in that development and vision.  She would love to see more people of color-owned small businesses along Division Street and 82nd Ave, and for the area to continue beyond the destination for families, youth, and residents alike to catch-up, eat, drink, shop and connect with their roots or share their roots.

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers