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Announcing 2017-2018 Creative Placemaking Project Grants!

APANO and the Division Midway Alliance (DMA) are pleased to announce expanded creative placemaking grant opportunities for 2017-2018! Grants totaling $25,000 are available for the Jade-Midway Placemaking Projects and grants totaling $10,000 are available for the Division Street Bridge Reclamation Projects.

Over the past three years, APANO and DMA have awarded $84,500 for 23 placemaking projects in the Jade (82nd […]

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October Cultural Work Roundup

MicCheck! Is almost over, and fall is officially here! Cozy up with a sweater, hot beverage, and of course, some arts and culture to keep you warm.

/// October 2017 ///


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EPALF: A Funny Acronym for a Serious Festival

by Candace Kita
Cultural Work & Development Coordinator

What would it look like to dedicate a day to our stories of moving, migrating, longing, and belonging? Amid these times of endless change, APANO’s first-ever East Portland Arts & Literary Festival — a full day creative festival on Saturday, September 23 […]

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September Cultural Work Roundup

APANO’s next big event following the Jade District Night Market is the EAST PORTLAND ARTS & LITERARY FESTIVAL! This spectacular one-day festival on September 23 will be a celebration of artists of color and the LAST public event at the Jade/APANO Multicultural Space. Learn more here and check […]

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What is Cultural Work?

by Candace Kita,
Cultural Work & Development Coordinator

As the Cultural Work & Development Coordinator at APANO, I use the term “cultural work” on a daily basis. What does it really mean, though? At APANO, we define cultural work the use of arts and culture to “center the voices and experiences of marginalized Asian […]

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