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APANO’s November 2018 Ballot Measure Endorsement

What’s on the November 2018 Ballot here in Oregon? Learn about what these measures do and why it matters to you! Based on APANO’s organizational values, here’s how we think Oregonians should vote on ballot measures for the November 6, 2018 General Elections! Ballots will arrive starting October 18th […]

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Volunteer with APANO for the 2018 General Elections

Welcome to APANO! We’re glad you’re looking to get involved. The Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO) is a progressive, Oregon statewide Asian and Pacific Islander advocacy organization uniting Asians and Pacific Islanders to achieve political power for social justice. We are heavily engaged in this year’s 2018 General Election and are […]

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APANO’s November 2018 Candidate Slate

APANO, Oregon’s oldest and largest Asian and Pacific Islander advocacy organization, is pleased to share our slate of candidate endorsements for the November 6, 2018 General Elections! Ballots will arrive starting October 18th — be sure to turn in your ballots by 8:00 pm, Tuesday November 6, 2018! Also read more about our Ballot Endorsements […]

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APANO Helps Put Portland Clean Energy Fund on November Ballot

Asian and Pacific Islander communities are on the frontlines of climate change, as communities that are hit first and hardest by the hurricanes, flooding, and deadly heat waves. We know that poor communities and communities of color are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. So for the last two and a half years, […]

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Culture of Philanthropy

We have all been here before: selling candy bars for a school trip, participating in weekend car washes to support a team, or doing other similar activities to support a cause in a brief and accessible way for community. As APANO’s Development Manager, a new role within the organization, my position can be misunderstood and […]

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