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September 2019 Cultural Work Roundup


/// September 2019 ///

It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year in Portland for culture with PICA’s annual TBA festival. Some of our highlights are below. Support artists and cultural workers of color around town this month! 


  • Sunday, 9/1:
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Finding Roots. Advancing Equity.

An interview with Commissioner Lori Stegmann

Before becoming a Multnomah County Commissioner in 2016, before serving six years as a Gresham City Councilor, before a career as a small business owner and insurance agent, Commissioner Lori Stegmann was a little girl excited for her first day of kindergarten. She remembers the day […]

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Cultural Work Roundup August 2019

Stay hydrated and support your favorite artists and cultural workers around town this month! Find some of our picks below.


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Reflections from the Building: On the 2019 Legislative Session

As we look back on this session, we are inspired by the passage of policies that affirm and advance the health and prosperity of API families and communities. We believe that all families deserve the rights, recognition, and resources they need to thrive. In stark contrast to national events–families […]

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2019 Legislative Recap

Historic Wins for the API Community

A groundbreaking legislative session adjourned on June 30, and Oregon has once again showed the rest of the country what a progressive agenda that helps families can look like in the face of the Trump administration.

APANO began the 2019 legislative session with an ambitious agenda, and […]

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