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December Cultural Roundup

/// December 2017 ///

Merry, merry, merry cultural organizing! Check out these opportunities to celebrate the creativity of artists and cultural workers of color this season.


  • Friday, 12/1 – Saturday, 12/2: We the Dreamers – Join Portland community members in an art show to defend […]
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APANO supports Yes on Healthcare

Healthy, thriving families lead to strong, resilient communities. APANO believes that every Oregonian, regardless of their race/ethnicity, their place of origin, gender identity, or financial resources–deserves the chance to be healthy. That’s why we are asking you, [first name], to protect healthcare for our families by voting Yes on Measure 101 on January […]

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APANO response to community about sexism and homophobia

From the Boards:

Dear Members,

Since 2009, APANO has been on an intentional and transformative journey towards justice through our community organizing as well as within our organization. Our updated values and strategic plan are our North Star, and APANO’s programs are growing and adapting to the […]

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An Update to Our Community

Dear APANO Community

APANO is serious about how we work toward a just and equitable world through institutions and systems, culture change, and interpersonal relationships, and we are committed to working for social justice for all people. We know our Asian and Pacific Islander communities are reflective of the larger world, and at APANO, like every […]

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November 2017 Cultural Work Roundup

Fill your fall with arts and culture supporting social justice and artists of color!


  • Wednesday, 11/1: HaveYourSei Video Premiere – PIAAA and the MCC are premiering a video for the #HaveYourSei campaign. The video highlights the commitment of three different higher education institutions to climate change. We put […]
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