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October Cultural Work Roundup – 2019

/// October 2019 ///

October is popping with loads of arts and culture! We are proud to present EPALF the third time around (aka 3PALF) exploring the theme of PASSAGES at the Orchards of 82nd and the largest Asian mall in Oregon, Fubonn. It will feature 75+ local artists of […]

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“Leaving Ripples”: Brian Parker Talks Altering Realities and Breaking Limits Through a Powered Imagination

As a kid, Brian Parker would weave stories of six-headed monster-sloths that he would then narrate ambitiously and enthusiastically to his mother. She would patiently hand him a pencil and paper, saying, “You write it. You draw it, and then I’ll understand.” Ever since, he has fully embraced storytelling, using words and illustrations to convey […]

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“The Tomatoes Were Resilient”: Georgina Brooks Talks Overcoming Fears, Making Mistakes, and Growth as a Rite of Passage

At the age of four, Georgina Brooks was so excited by colors that she developed the inconvenient habit of breaking crayons. As a silkscreen printer and cartoonist today, she is just as captivated with colors, preferring to print on colored paper over “boring” white paper. She is an enthusiastic outdoor explorer, and her whimsical comics, […]

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“Passages”: In Celebration of Outer Space

In Taiwan, the Hsinchu Science Park is the dream of an “Asia Silicon Valley” — a passage of information from the West to East and back again — and a fantasy of Western power. 

I was born in Silicon Valley, California to Taiwanese parents in 1997, the same year that local residents […]

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September 2019 Cultural Work Roundup


/// September 2019 ///

It’s one of the most wonderful times of the year in Portland for culture with PICA’s annual TBA festival. Some of our highlights are below. Support artists and cultural workers of color around town this month! 


  • Sunday, 9/1:
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