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Giving Back to Community, a Conversation with Annie

Annie moved to Oregon six years ago, and began volunteering at a Buddhist temple in the kitchen to help processing food to help people, and to meet the Vietnamese community in Portland. Soon after, she started working as a Vietnamese interpreter and began volunteering with APANO for our HPV awareness project with OHSU. […]

Yahong, Beilei, and the Journey to 10,000 Masks Made with Love

Thousands of masks have been sewn by members of Portland’s Chinese community, and have been donated all across the globe – from China to Portland. Their masks have reached all different communities in Portland, from local firefighters, teachers, postal workers, to the Pacific Islander community and more. Yahong Neirynck and […]

We can achieve together what we can’t alone: a talk with Sandra Jeong

Sandra Jeong-Lane is a proud APANO member. She identifies as Korean-American, and works professionally as a Union Labor Educator.

You’ve been a union organizer for over 10 years. What does labor organizing look like in the time of COVID-19? 

The principle at the core of the labor movement is that we can achieve […]

Resiliency is Spaciousness – a Talk with Jenny Chu

Jenny Chu is a member of APANO’s Arts & Media Project (AMP), radical thinker, community convener, activist, and writer who identifies as Chinese-American raised by immigrant parents. She brings people together as the Community Engagement Manager at Write Around Portland (WAP), a core committee member of Arts Workers for Equity (AWE), as […]

Our Health Should Not Be Tied to Race or Class – A Conversation with Alyshia Macaysa

Alyshia Alohalani Macaysa-Feracota is a community organizer and freelance Health Equity strategist. Alyshia’s work, consciousness, and power is rooted in her lineage as a Queer Native Hawaiian Filipina and her journey in understanding the continued physical and spiritual displacement of her people.

You drive racial equity centered strategies through various work groups in Portland. […]