Get Out the Vote — Without Getting out of the House!

Over the weekend conservative activists tried to force Oregon’s return to “normal” and exploit the current crisis to continue to harm and marginalize our most vulnerable community members and frontline workers. Our current crisis brings mainstream attention to the existing inequities that we have always known. 

COVID-19 has exposed how our “normal” […]

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APANO May 2020 Voter Guide

Our May 2020 Voter Guide offers our analysis and endorsements of key candidates and ballot measures that are important to our Asian Pacific Islander communities in Oregon. Included are versions for Multnomah County, Washington County, and Portland Metro. The guide includes a brief description of candidates and ballot measures and our positions on […]

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APANO Endorsements for May 19, 2020 Primaries

COVID-19 has shown that who we trust to lead us, matters. In difficult times, our leaders can be our champions or they can be the reason that our communities are left without a seat at the table. The stakes are high for our local elections. At the ballot box we have the chance […]

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May 2020 Primary Election Endorsement Process

“We do not take democracy for granted. We feel it grow in our working together—many millions of us working toward a common purpose. If it took us several decades of sacrifice to arrive at this faith, it is because it took us that long to know what part of America is ours.”

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Gurpreet Supports Measure 101

by Gurpreet, Community Member

As an Occupational Therapy Assistant and Sikh community volunteer, I frequently witness the effects accessible healthcare has on the mental and physical wellbeing of our community members. In the South Asian/Indian community, the effects are starkest among our elderly. Many worked in entry level jobs that paid minimum wage, and now, without […]

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