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June 2020 Cultural Work Roundup


How can we keep our Black and Brown siblings safe? How can we care for each other during and beyond the pandemic? COVID-19 has sharpened and expanded the impact of the historical and systematic processes targeting our communities. From unlearning to practicing, on ourselves and with each other, we can deeply and creatively […]

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Keep on Pushing – a Talk on Resilience with Malo Ala’ilima

We end our API Womxn in Leadership series with Manumalo (Malo) Salamasina Ala’ilima, one of APANO’s beloved board members and co-founder of UTOPIA-PDX. UTOPIA-PDX – the United Territories of Pacific Islanders Alliance – Portland provides sacred spaces to strengthen the minds and bodies of QTPI’s (queer and trans Pacific Islanders) through community organizing, […]

We Belong at the Table: Grace and Carol Talk Leadership During COVID-19

Carol Lee and Grace Henricks are two powerhouses of APANO’s team. Grace is APANO’s Small Business Advisor, and Carol is APANO’s Business Navigator Consultant. Together, the two have paired up during the COVID-19 crisis to provide assistance and resources to small businesses all across APANO’s community. 

What work have you been doing in […]

Power is Supporting Each Other: A Conversation with Wanna Lei

Wanna is APANO’s Transportation Coordinator. Outside of work, Wanna is also a community leader. Recently, she and a group of Chinese parents led a local grassroots effort that provided 22,000 face masks and counting for frontline workers. Wanna’s work inspired many of us at APANO, and we hope her leadership will inspire you too. Donate to […]

Sound the Alarm: Virginia Luka on Pacific Islander Health in Oregon

“It’s hard for me to sleep. It’s hard for me to breathe. It’s hard for me to concentrate because we literally have people’s lives in our hands,” says Virgina Luka. She’s a queer Pacific Islander community leader who works as the Program Specialist of the Pacific Islander community for […]