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On Breaking the Model Minority Myth

Photo: A 1-year-old Karn Saetang and his sister.

by Karn Saetang
Lead Organizer at the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO)

So Luann, our Community Engagement Manager, asked me to write a blog post about breaking the model minority myth through my own personal lens. And I told her that I can, but there […]

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Solidarity: Will You Share Yours?

by Joseph Santos-Lyons
Executive Director of the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO) and long time community leader in Oregon.

Back in 2009, APANO was beginning our rise as a statewide advocacy organization.  While our roots go back to 1998, the 2008 ballot measure fight to protect ESL from being gutted surfaced the gap in organizing […]

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Supporting Pacific Islander Students Outside of the Classroom

Photo: Kanani Porotesano (on the right in green) with students from the PSU’s Pacific Islander Club and the Pacific Islander Student Alliance. Also in the photo, Matthew Sagayaga, PIC Co-Adviser, kneeling on the left. Students featured are: Darren Acoba-Ramson, Pres., Jessel Galiza, VP, Ira Lapitan, Secretary, Ka’ila See, treasurer, Jared Cudimat, Cultural Co-Chair, Kellen hashimoto, Cultural Co-Chair, Camille  kauahi-ganahl, Social Chair, Elise Johnson, Historian, Pili […]

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Higher Education in Oregon: Where are the Pacific Islanders?

by Virginia Luka
Co-chair of Micronesian Islander Community, a volunteer member of APANO, and steering committee member of the Asian Pacific Islander Community Leadership Institute

I gave birth to my first child on Guam twelve years ago before moving to Oregon with my husband.  After living on an island for 25 years, moving to the Continental United […]

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On Becoming [email protected]

Photo: Group of [email protected] in Portland that meet monthly to talk about culture, identity, the Philippines, and issues that impact [email protected]

by Angelica Lim
Educational Officer, Portland Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (PCHRP)

I always felt [email protected]*, but it took living in Portland to show me just how vital this part of me is. It took […]

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