Thank you to our board members for serving our API community. Welcome Sayer, Siniva, and Kia to our C3 board! Welcome Phillip, Kirsten, Jim, and Vanessa to our C4 board!

C3 Board

Jennifer Chang, Board Chair
Cleo Tung, Vice Chair
Sayer Jones, Treasurer
Siniva Bennett
Yaejoon Kwon
Nhi Nguyen
Michele Ruffin
Bandana Shrestha
Kia Sorensen
Toni Tabora-Roberts

C4 Board

Wei-Wei Lou, Board Chair
Michele Ruffin, Vice Chair
Albert Lee, Treasurer
Philip Kennedy-Wong
Shibin Li
Kirsten Naito
Jim Nam
Vanessa Rubin
Cleo Tung

Learn more about what our new board members offer to APANO and our work.

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