Caroline is a first-generation Chinese-American passionate about cultural advocacy, storytelling, and youth civic engagement. She founded The World in Us, an organization cultivating cultural awareness in children through peer education, to combat the cultural ignorance she faced growing up. She further explores her cultural identity through creative writing and co-founded a youth literary podcast and magazine called Aster Lit with fellow alumni from the International Writing Program’s Between the Lines cultural exchange. Her budding interest in local politics has led her to work on financial literacy education policy and voter outreach as a Willamette Valley Legislative Fellow. She’s also working to start a youth council in her city with help from Citizen University’s Youth Collaboratory. In addition to writing and politics, she pursues social justice from a technological perspective and has researched socioeconomic-inclusive software design under Dr. Margaret Burnett. As a sophomore at West Albany High School, Caroline also serves as wind ensemble principal flutist, class vice president, and delegate for Youth and Government. 

With APANO, she aspires to empower other AAPI youth to take control of their civic and cultural narrative by engaging in political organizing, volunteerism, and other equity-advancing activities in their communities. 

In her free time, Caroline enjoys K-pop, crochet, anime, Animal Crossing, language learning, and long walks. 

Pronouns: she/her/hers