APANO Legislative Day: Keynote Speaker, Chi Nguyen-Ventura

Chi Nguyen-Ventura is a first-generation Vietnamese-American. Seeking political asylum, she and her family moved to Portland in 1990. They came empty-handed but, like many others, hearts full of passion for democracy and the will to work to earn a place in the land of opportunity.

Chi is a proud product of the Portland Public Schools. She […]

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Trailblazing for API & Women’s Health

APANO is a proud member of the We Are BRAVE Coalition, comprised of organizations and leaders of color committed to reproductive justice, and a broader statewide coalition focused on ensuring equal access to women’s health care.  We are proud to announce that Senate Bill 894 has been introduced in the Oregon Legislature, groundbreaking legislation that supports […]

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APANO Member Spotlight: Lan Ho On Paid Sick Leave

On Monday, February 16th, I had a privilege to share some of my personal stories at a Senate Committee Hearing in the state capitol to support a statewide paid sick time law. It was just amazing how many people from all walks of life came together, formed an alliance, and fought for this common sense […]

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COFA Fact Sheet

APANO has researched and produced a fact sheet on communities in Oregon who are affected by the Compact of Free Association (COFA).  

Citizens of the Republic of Palau, Federated States of Micronesia and the Republic of the Marshall Islands have a unique immigration relationship with the United States through the Compact of Free Association.  In […]

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