Our Community Empowerment sponsorships emphasize culture change necessary to lift up AAPI communities. We’re investing in strong coalitions focused on community organizing to advocate for policies that would make Oregon fairer, safer and more affordable.

The core of APANO’s work is a place-based approach to building a powerful base of members who create and lead solutions that address real issues in their communities and shift the balance of power.

APANO’s organizing is rooted in the belief that those most affected by an issue should be the ones shaping the solutions.  This approach requires disciplined year-round work to support our members in identifying and prioritizing the issues APANO works on, building skills, knowledge and confidence through APANO campaigns, and increasingly taking on public leadership.

Through our organizing we envision:

  • Leadership roles for people and communities most impacted
  • Solutions that challenge the root cause of the problem
  • Advocacy efforts that shift the balance of power to the communities who are most affected
  • Space for reflection that provides for personal and institutional transformation

Annual Total: $10,000 investment annually. Awards are awarded on average at $250, per organization annually. 

Types of events sponsored: Annual galas and fundraisers, annual events, and fairs

Grant Administrator: Simeon Jacob | simeon@apano.org