Over 100 migrants are being detained at a federal detention facility in Sheridan, Oregon as a direct result of the Trump administration’s unjust, no exceptions immigration policy. We at APANO seek the release of all detained peoples to safe and healthy communities, in which they may be able to heal and gain strength for their immigration advocacy fights ahead.

APANO’s South Asian Sheridan Support Committee is dedicated to advocating on behalf of the individuals detained at Sheridan on several fronts. APANO has helped advocate for and won victories, such as allowing funds for commissary accounts and securing regular visits with interpreters. However, in order to fulfill our advocacy goals and needs, we at APANO need your support.

The detained peoples at FCI Sheridan require legal assistance, whose work requires critical data entry and translation services. While in detention, they need commissary funds so they may be able to contact their loved ones and remain nourished. Upon their release, our detained peoples will need funding for housing, transportation, toiletries, and meals.

We at APANO could not have achieved the victories we have so far without our members, supporters, and your relentless commitment to fighting for justice.

Donate now to support the reunification and representation efforts for the detained peoples at FCI Sheridan.