APANO, an Oregon statewide Asian and Pacific Islander advocacy organization, is pleased to announce our endorsement for Hoa Nguyen for a position on the David Douglass School Board in the upcoming school board election.

David Douglass is one of the most diverse school districts in Multnomah County. While located in the city, David Douglas is a separate district from Portland Public Schools. David Douglas School District covers 12 square miles of suburban homes, apartments, shopping centers and small businesses. This district is predominantly students of color: 65.5% of students are self-identified BIPOC, while 15% are self-identified Asian-American and 2.6% Pacific Islander. Its dropout rate is 3%, with a disproportionate emphasis on students of color. 

For the past year, Hoa Nguyen has been working with families across the NE and SE regarding educational challenges during the pandemic. Nguyen’s lived experiences as a child of refugee parents inform her work as a School Attendance Coach at Portland Public Schools. Hoa understands that chronic absenteeism is often linked to greater systemic issues such as poverty, homelessness, mental health, and discipline among marginalized students. It is her firsthand experiences that make her an ideal school board member. APANO is excited to support Hoa Nguyen in the race for David Douglass school board while she continues to analyze and witness firsthand the impacts of all of these harmful systems of oppression on our education system,”, writes Sophia Vicencio, Political Organizer at APANO.

Learn more about Hoa and her campaign.