One of our major strategies in achieving our goal of community stability is supporting key small businesses in the neighborhood. The Jade District is a neighborhood where a cohesive business community welcomes residents and visitors to experience the rich tapestry of cultural heritages in a must-see destination location. This international and multicultural district is recognized with distinctive color, style, and activities, and is an vibrant economic district supporting the needs of its residents. The district features safe, walkable areas rich with arts, entertainment, and many different cultural establishments serving food and drink, and gathering places that foster a sense of ethnic diversity. The Jade District is identified as a distinct regional cultural district using consistent signage, lighting, traffic calming, physical improvements and signature events focusing on our many different cultures.

As part of this work and the community visioning, the Jade District is devoted helping our communities thrive. One way we envision doing this is by keeping the small businesses and families that are here in the neighborhood.

Annual Total: $100,000 investment annually. Award amounts are granted based on need.

Types of projects sponsored: Small business development, anti-displacement efforts, placemaking projects, neighborhood improvement

Grant Administrator: Todd Struble |