APANO, an Oregon statewide Asian and Pacific Islander advocacy organization, is pleased to announce our endorsement for Kathy Wai for re-election to Position 5 on the North Clackamas School Board in the upcoming school board election.

“North Clackamas School District (NCSD) is Oregon’s seventh-largest school district and spans more than 40 square miles just southeast of Portland, Ore., and serves the communities of Milwaukie and Happy Valley, along with other parts of Clackamas County. In 2020, Asian-identified students made up 10% of this school district’s population. The graduation rate for the 2019-2020 school year was 87%, which is ‘largely consistent for NCSD’s High School graduates of color, and far exceeds Oregon’s average’.

After a precedent-setting election to North Clackamas School Board in 2017, Kathy Wai aims to continue being the voice for change in her community. In the 2019 legislative session, this school board received $13M to underserved communities in the Student Success Act. Along with continually working alongside an affinity group for educators of color, Kathy plans to maintain her advocacy for better learning conditions for students of color, as well as better support/resources for staff who are BIPOC. As an active board member, Wai understands the importance of teachers and staff of color needing more opportunities to develop professionally in this field, and will continue to be a voice of change in North Clackamas. APANO is excited to support Kathy as she continues to champion BIPOC and marginalized people in her community,” writes Sophia Vicencio, Political Organizer at APANO.