APANO has pivoted our work to respond to COVID needs since late January 2020 as Chinese businesses faced xenophobia, receiving less business out of fear of COVID exposure. Since then, from work on rent relief to food security, APANO has strived to respond to our API community’s rising needs.

200 Chinese parents organized

Chinese parents in SE Portland fundraised $13,657 to purchase over 30,000 one time use medical masks and 2,600 KN95 for essential workers. The masks went to OHSU, Providence Hospital, Adventist Hospital, Trimet, Cherriots Salem, Kirkland Union Manor Senior Center, Cascade Physicians, and William Temple House.

1 Washington County Housing Resource Guide

Everyone deserves a place to live, but accessing vital resources can be a challenge for our Asian American and Pacific Islander communities (AAPI) in Washington County who are working to provide for themselves and their families. Our Washington County Housing Resource Guide shares useful information about housing resources and how to access them.

Check out the Resource Guide here!

$45,000 in rent relief to Beaverton residents

From May to July 2020, APANO was granted funds from the City of Beaverton to disburse rent assistance to Beaverton residents. In partnership with Community Action of Washington County, Centro Cultural, and Muslim Educational Trust, our collective of rent assistance providers provided culturally specific support to Beaverton and Washington County renters. 

With the grant funds, APANO was able to serve 31 households, with an average of $1,464 disbursed per household. 

  • Total amount disbursed to Beaverton renters: $45,391.67 
  • Average household size: 4.6
  • # individuals served: 144
  • # Households with 5 or more individuals: 16 (51.61%)
  • # Households with adults over 65: 4 (12.9%) 
  • # Households with children under age 5: 19 (61.29%)

1,400 Oregonians fed

Breaking bread together, sharing a meal, and feeding our families – food is essential. Amid the challenges and uncertainties of the COVID-19 pandemic, APANO is inspired to do our part to help those who face food insecurity. 

APANO’s Food Security Program fed over 1,400 participants in 397 households in 2020. We distributed over $86,000 to 14 BIPOC-owned restaurants in all quadrants of Portland, providing culturally relevant food to Oregon’s BIPOC community.

Our Food Security Program strives to foster a mutually beneficial relationship between restaurants, farms, and local households during the COVID pandemic. We’re humbled to work alongside Mora Mora Farms, Pablo Munoz Farms and Simington Gardens, along with the BHUNA, BIBA CHamoru, Bollywood Bites, Everybody Eats, Ko Sisters Seoul Food, Meals 4 Heels, Mehka Grill, Mekong Bistro, Miss’ippi Chef, Sisters Ethiopian, Tambayan, and Thai Roses.

Over 100 chromebooks dispersed

During the pandemic, technology became another overlooked inequity among communities of color. In the last month of 2020, we quickly dispersed technology to families and households in need. We received over 300 chromebooks, iPads, and Internet Access cards to distribute to community.

138 went to Chinese community members through our organizers; 92 to the Vietnamese community through our organizers; and 146 went to other community members who applied through participation in our other Food Security and Cultural Work programs. 

We received over 1,800 applications for these resources, and we recognize that this is a widespread challenge for households. Our hearts go out to those we weren’t able to serve in this round and are committed to continue advocating for resources for our communities.

Chinese parents in SE ordered masks to help Trimet and hospitals.

Image provided by Wanna Lei

Image from BIBA CHamoru FB page