2020 has been a challenging year for our communities. COVID-19 has amplified long existing injustices in our housing, work, and healthcare systems, leaving workers, caregivers, people of color, low income folks struggling to survive. Violence against Black communities continues while police accountability is non-existent. This week we also mourn as fires ravage our state, leaving many of our friends and neighbors without homes and clouding our Oregon skies with smoke and ash. Though this year has shown us great hardship, our communities have shown even greater resilience. Communities banded together to make sure we could all survive this pandemic together, protestors flooded the streets to call for justice, within days community members had sent truckloads of supplies to help wildfire evacuees who had lost everything. 

As we reflect on what needs to change in order to undo the systems that brought us to this moment, we recognize the great importance of electing leaders who will be our advocates – leaders who come from and know our struggles. Ones who will fight to create fair and equitable healthcare systems for people of color, those who will push to defund the police, legislators that will lead in climate justice. We recognize the opportunity in being champions for legislation that will see our communities in a future where we will thrive. 

This election is an opportunity to forge new paths and ensure our communities have access to the resources and support we need. If we come together this election, we can vote to invest in our public transportation, support our children’s futures by creating universal preschool, expand parks and recreation access by removing fees, and ensure necessary school repairs and investments. We can uplift our community by investing in libraries, creating campaign finance limits so grassroots candidates don’t have to face off against corporate candidates, and supporting our communities battling addiction and mental health crises.

We can vote for policies that will get us one step closer to the change we need: from investments in our future generation’s education to long overdue investments in our transportation infrastructure to creating limits on campaign contributions and investing in our community. 

We can elect bold community leaders, like Jackie Leung, Nadia Hasan, Nafisa Fai and Khanh Pham who will provide community solutions to our hardships and work with us to create a new future. 

We have been actively working to build the future that we deserve – from fighting racial profiling in our state (Measure 105), to advocating for better access to housing, to securing the right to reproductive autonomy (HB 3391). These are the hard-fought wins of BIPOC communities. Now as we reach the eighth month of this pandemic, it’s crucial to continue the fight by electing bold community leaders to take on the issues we care about so we can continue to create community solutions for our future. 

This fall, we can make this happen by mobilizing for these candidates and ballot measures: 


Vote for these candidates!

YES on these ballot measures

  • Statewide – Yes for a Healthy Future, Measure 108 

  • Statewide – Yes for Fair and Honest Elections, Measure 107 

  • Statewide – Yes for Drug Addiction Treatment & Recovery Act, Measure 110

  • Metro- Yes for Getting There Together, Measure 26-218 

  • Multnomah – Yes for Preschool for All, Measure 26-214

  • Multnomah – Yes for Our Libraries, Measure 26-215

  • Portland –  Yes for Portland Public Schools Bond Renewal, Measure 26-208

  • Portland-Yes for Portlanders for Parks, Measure 26-213

Don’t Forget!

Join our Community Town Hall Thursday September 24 5:30pm – 7:00pm. Learn more about these ballot measures and candidates. Join a community of people invested in creating change this November. Registration is required

UPDATE/REGISTER TO VOTE: Oregonians who are 16 years old or older and U.S. citizens can now register to vote online or update your voter registration in English, Spanish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Somali, and Russian The deadline to register or update your registration for the November election is October 13th, 2020.

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