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APANO is posting candidate responses to inform our members in advance of the May 17th primary election. Ballots are already in the mail, and if you have not received yours, please click here.

APANO reached out and gave equal opportunity to candidates in several races that we identified as important for Asian and Pacific Islanders.  A list of candidates who submitted responses by our deadline are listed below.  The candidate responses are posted as-is, within our word count.  APANO makes no endorsements and this information is educational only.

Secretary of State

  • Brad Avakian
  • Richard Devlin
  • Val Hoyle

Mayor of Portland

  • Jules Bailey
  • Patty Burkett
  • Sarah Iannarone
  • Ted Wheeler
  • David Schor

City of Portland Commissioner Position 1

  • Amanda Fritz

City of Portland Commissioner Position 4

  • Michael Durrow
  • Chloe Eudaly
  • Steve Novick

Multnomah County Commissioner Position 1

  • Marisha Childs
  • Sharon Meieran
  • Mel Rader
  • Brian Wilson
  • Eric Zimmerman

Multnomah County Commissioner Position 3

  • Jessica Vega Pederson

Multnomah County Commissioner Position 4

  • Lori Stegmann

Oregon House District 14

  • Julie Fahey
  • James Manning Jr

Oregon House District 43

  • Roberta Phillips-Robbins
  • Tawna Sanchez

Oregon House District 51

  • Lori Chaves-DeRemer

Voting deadline: Ballots must be received at your county elections office by 8 p.m. May 17, either by mail or at a drop box.

Find a drop box:

For information on how to get involved, please email Kathy Wai, Civic Engagement Manager,