This is your child’s education. This is your nephew’s education.
This is the education of the next generation.

What are school boards even for? School boards have the power to improve the quality of K-12 education in their district including:

  • Establish budgets and oversee distribution of resources

  • Maintain learning facilities

  • Oversee and update curriculum development

  • Oversee the school district’s safety procedures and transportation

  • Hire and evaluate the school’s superintendent, college president or chief executive

But what does this even mean? Think: How many of us had under resourced art and PE programs? How many authors of color did you read in middle school? How many of us wanted quality breakfast and lunch growing up?

The school board is one way to make concrete change for youth of color in our backyard. It’s often our fellow parents and providers for our own community to run for a position to make the change they want to see. Voting in the school board election is our right and responsibility to choose who makes decisions for our youth.

Kathy Wai

North Clackamas

Karen Pérez-Da Silva

Beaverton School Board

Hoa Nguyen

David Douglas

Are you registered to vote?

To vote in this non-partisan race, you must be a registered voter in Washington County. Register to vote or update your registration by April 28. 

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