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APANO Member Spotlight: Emily Lai on Body Image and Sexualities

I am not shy when it comes to discussions about sex, intimate relationships, gender, and reproductive health. I am very open about the fact that I live with a sexually transmitted disease, that I haven’t always been informed or in control of my reproductive health, and that I haven’t always behaved respectfully and responsibly in […]

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APANO Member Spotlight: Jean Yamamoto on Health Equity

The Health Equity and Reform Team (HEART) workgroup was formed several years ago in response to the need to address issues identified by our community. We know that our experiences with the health delivery system are uneven and certain APIs face great disparities in health and wellness as a result of lack of access to quality, affordable healthcare […]

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APANO Member Spotlight: Kara on Gender and Queer Justice

In a workshop APANO’s Strong Families group leads, we do an exercise where we talk about why a nuclear family model—a mom at home, a dad at work, with kids, living under the same roof—does or does not resonate with us. I frequently share that, as a transracial adoptee, while I grew up in a […]

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Health Forum Plenary

Policies Lifting Up All Our Families, 11:20 – 12:20pm

For too many of us, the ability to thrive and prosper remains just out of reach due to inequitable and seemingly insurmountable barriers. APANO is working in coalition with other social justice organizations to start breaking down these barriers and gaps in our economic, health, and social […]

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Health Forum Workshops

Morning Session 9:52 – 11:10am

Gender Justice/Queer Justice Track
Gender Justice 101: The Well-Being of our Community Depends On It
Presenters: Kara Carmosino and John Akira Harrold
In this interactive workshop, participants will explore messages and beliefs about gender and sexuality in order to apply new insight to our existing focus on community health. This workshop is geared towards […]

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