Seeding Change is a national fellowship program for developing Asian American activists and organizers.  Fellows get placed at various host sites throughout the nation to learn about the host site’s social justice work and have the opportunity to develop their own organizing skills. This summer, APANO welcomes Seeding Change Fellow, Laurel Song!

Laurel is ethnically Japanese/Korean, and was born and raised in Southern California.  Laurel’s gender pronouns are she/they.  They started college at Humboldt State University for the first two years, and then transferred to UC Santa Cruz where they are currently double majoring in Critical Race/Ethnic Studies and Feminist studies. Laurel is unsure of post-college plans, however, has a strong feeling that they will be working with youth.  Laurel is only in Portland for a short time, until the fellowship is over in mid-August.  They are a Scorpio Sun and Pisces moon and really like art!  They would appreciate any information about art related events and/or free events as they are still in college with limited funds!  Laurel can be reached at: laurel[at]