Past Award Recipients

2016 – Jessica Yu

Jessica Yu is currently a sophomore at Franklin High School. When not actively Jessica yupursuing her interest in science, Jessica can be found running laps or volunteering with other clubs. As a Chinese-American youth growing up in Portland, Oregon with a household that has been taught that racism and prejudice towards the African American community is justified, Jessica did not always realize the oppression that she was fueling was not only unjust, but also was driving a system that continuously holds back all marginalized communities.

By joining API Leaders for the Liberation of Youth (ALLY), she sought not only to provide a voice for the decisions that are made for the youth, but to diverge the group’s cognition from a system of oppression. Oftentimes, current issues are discussed without youth, and in particular, API youth input. Through ALLY, API youth are given the opportunity to be empowered; but the ultimate stride is to learn to empower ourselves, not wait for opportunities to come to them.

2015 –  Inaugural:  Y Le

Y_Le HeadshotY was born and raised for half her life in the small island of Coron Palawan, Philippines; immigrating to the United States with her family of three in the Winter of 2005. Now a junior at Franklin High School, she represents her community with resilience, hard work, and a clashing culture of Vietnam and the Philippines. She has previously participated in various volunteer work with the American Red Cross, Food Bank, etc., and now works closely with her Vietnamese community as an assistant teacher at the Parish of La Vang Vietnamese school. As a member of ALLY, she hopes to give API youth a voice in decisions largely affecting them, and to bring fun and life into the Asian community. She also loves horror and mystery genres, and is working towards a career in forensic pathology.