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Responding to Hate: Safe and Connected Communities

We are still heartbroken and devastated by these violent attacks against our community. The victims of this attack, like many of us, were already struggling with the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, personally and economically. We all deserve a world free of the targeted racism and violence that took place in Atlanta, GA […]

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How can we make space to grieve and heal?

/// April 2021 ///

The collective grief we have been experiencing throughout the pandemic has only been amplified by the rise in hate crimes against AAPI people across the US. Making space to grieve and heal, while understanding that these things are not a linear process, is so important right now. As APANO’s […]

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APANO responds to shooting tragedy in Atlanta metro area

CW: Racial- and gender-based violence


Heartbroken. Enraged. Devastated.

We are reeling from the painful news from the Atlanta area yesterday and grieving the eight lives that were lost – including six Asian women – by acts of gun violence. To the victims and their loved ones, to API communities and partners on the ground in Georgia, we […]

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It’s Official: 1 year into the Pandemic. What does that mean for us BIPOC?

Anti-Asian hate crimes have surged across the US and the stress of the pandemic continues to strain our lives. How do we show up for ourselves? How do we show up for our Asian friends, family and community? How do we show up in solidarity with Black and Indigenous led organizations who have been facing police […]

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Pacific Islander Youth Health Organizer

APANO CUF is looking for a community leader to provide comprehensive sexuality education in partnership with community-based organizations to reach Pacific Islander youth. This is a joint collaboration between the Multnomah County Health Department (MCHD) to implement evidence-based interventions in communities that engage young people, parents/guardians and trusted adults, and the broader Pacific Islander community […]

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