September 30, 2016

A Week of Rolling Tides

“What time is it on the clock of The World?”

This is a question asked of us by the late philosopher and organizer Grace Lee Boggs, who challenges us to be in touch with what is happening, to create dialogue, and to make explicit the world we dream about. This week, APANO is rolling out a series of community-driven events that flow from our new strategic plan, and culminate in our biennial statewide convention APANO Rolling Tides 2016 at Warner Pacific University in Southeast Portland. Inspired by our collective vision for a just world, grounded in APANO’s new set of values, and co-led by member-leaders, organizers, board, staff, and partners, we’re poised to elevate Asian and Pacific Islander leadership for social justice, social change and movement building. I hope you’ll join us throughout the week, and most of all for our Saturday Banquet!


Rev. Joseph Santos-Lyons
Executive Director

Community Events leading up to APANO Rollings Tides 2016

Sept 24-25 COFA Alliance 2nd Annual Retreat - APANO is proud to co-sponsor the COFA Alliance National Network (CANN) retreat, a growing, Oregon based community organizing and advocacy collective of Micronesian, Marshallese and Paluan leaders campaigning for dignity, rights and resources to support the complex issues facing COFA citizens in the United States. The retreat brings together over 50 youth and elders from a half dozen states to plan federal and state based strategy. Contact: David Anitok

Sept 24 API Community Leadership Institute Kickoff - APANO partners with IRCO and the Coalition of Communities of Color to launch our 5th cohort. This six month leadership intensive combines analysis building with community action projects, mentorship and networking to build capacity for visionary leadership and systems change with an emphasis on racial equity. Contact: Kara Carmosino

Sept 26 We Are BRAVE Encore Performance - Building on APANO’s reproductive justice work with communities of color, our story telling project #WeCarryOceans, and our campaign for #ComprehensiveWomensHealth2017, APANO co-sponsored this performance piece of poetry and movement recognizing #BeBoldEndHyde week fighting for access to the full range of reproductive health care for all women. Portland State University. Contact: Kara Carmosino

Sept 27 National Voter Registration Day - With 6 weeks until Election Day, and 2 weeks until Oregon’s voter registration deadline, APANO VOTE fellows and partners are out talking with our growing Asian and Pacific Islander electorate and highlighting the importance and power of our vote. Help us register over 6,000 voters this year, including youth and newly naturalized citizens! Contact: Kathy Wai

Sept 29 We Are Not Drowing, We Are Fighting - An evening of powerful poetry by Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, a Marshallese poet and climate justice activist, followed by a conversation with Jo Ann Hardesty, President of the NAACP Portland Chapter. Kathy Jetn̄il-Kijiner’s writing highlights the traumas of colonialism, racism, forced migration, the legacy of American nuclear testing, and the impending threats of climate change. Bearing witness at the front lines of various activist movements inspires her work and has propelled her poetry onto international stages. First Unitarian Church of Portland Eliot Chapel 7:00 PM. Contact Khanh Pham

Sept 30 Sea to Sea - Student-led APANO Student Summit bringing Asian and Pacific Islander college students from across Oregon together for a day of workshops, resources, and guest speaker, rapper and spoken word artist Ruby Ibarra from Oakland. Jade/APANO Multicultural Space 10:00 AM. Contact Paolo Esteban

Sept 30 APANO VOTE Partners - Organizers with the Chinese American Citizen’s Alliance, COFA Alliance National Network, Micronesian Islander Community, Pacific Asian Community Alliance of Lane County and Korean American Coalition of Oregon gather for training and planning. APANO is building capacity for our communities to be fully engaged in our democracy through forming multi-year partnerships to increase the influence and impact of Asian and Pacific Islanders through culturally specific civic engagement. Contact Kathy Wai

Sept 30 Color PAC Reception - Meet Oregon’s progressive electeds and candidates of color, hear from Bao Nguyen, Mayor of Garden Grove CA and candidate for US Congress. Learn more about Color PAC Action Fund and its plans for the future. Jade District location 6:00 PM. Contact Joseph Santos-Lyons

Oct 1 APANO Rolling Tides 2016 - Held every two years, APANO’s Statewide Convention is an inspiring day of cultural sharing and creating a vision for equity, equality and empowerment in Oregon. Since 2009, our convention has engaged and united our growing, diverse Asian and Pacific Islander communities across the State of Oregon. Join us for a day of smart workshops, the culimation of APANO’s Mic Check! Cultural Series, our Convention Banquet with Kathy Jetnil-Kjiner and Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha and a unique opportunity to build your knowledge, skills, and relationships. Warner Pacific University 8:30 AM. Contact Simeon Jacob

Oct 1 ALLY Dance Battle - Featuring judges Mpwo, Doe Rock, and Skoolie B. This youth-led dance battle will take place at the Jade/APANO Multicultural Space (JAMS), and entrance is free for those registered for Rolling Tides Convention; $5 fee for general public. More details here

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