December 19, 2017

Austin Supports Measure 101

by Austin P., APANO member

We all deserve to be healthy, and no one should go bankrupt to get the care they need. That's why we need Measure 101, which protects healthcare for 1 out of 4 Oregonians, including 400,000 kids, to make sure that no matter your race/ethnicity, place of origin, gender identity, or financial resources, you have the chance to be healthy.

My daughter is one of the 400,000 children at risk of losing their healthcare if Measure 101 doesn't pass. Losing affordable healthcare would be devastating, and it would impact not only to my daughter, but other Oregonians as well - especially our Asian and Pacific Islander (API) community. Our daughter is of Laotian and Vietnamese heritage. Her mother and I welcomed her into this world without being financially in debt because her mother was eligible for affordable healthcare during her pregnancy. Access to affordable healthcare has allowed my daughter to receive her vaccination shots on time and her much needed antibiotics when she had an unexpected tooth infection.

For working families like ours, it’s a relief to not worry about the financial burden of healthcare costs. As I go into the medical field to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor, I want our healthcare system to meet the needs of our families, especially communities of color who are more disproportionately impacted by lack of health insurance or language and cultural barriers. Voting Yes on Measure 101 ensures that children and vulnerable communities continue to get regular checkups, preventative screenings, and get care when they need it.

We have an opportunity to protect healthcare for our children and families, and I’ll be volunteering with APANO to make sure that our communities know about this important issue. Please join me in voting Yes on Measure 101 on January 23rd and volunteering to get out the vote.


We're less than 41 days until January 23rd and we're working hard to make sure community members know about this election.
Will you help us by joining our phonebank efforts? Sign up today.

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