March 24, 2020

Donate to the COVID Relief Fund to Support Impacted Workers

EDIT: Due to dire need across the Portland Metro area and the tremendous support for this campaign, now crossing over $40,000 in donations, the Jade District COVID Relief Fund is expanding to support impacted workers in Washington County with a focus on Beaverton/Hillsboro. An initial round of disbursements totalling roughly $16,000 have been allocated to Jade District families with 139 families in East Portland receiving support.

As the coronavirus continues to spread in our state, we at APANO know that to get through this, we need to look to each other. Oregonians are known for our goodwill and kindness, and right now more than ever, our friends, family, and neighbors need us to show up in whatever ways we can.

Already, we have been floored by the overwhelming response from our community members answering the call to practice care in our community to combat Covid-19. From community anchors, like Fubonn, who are donating gift cards to our Covid Relief Fund, to community organizers who have brought food to elders, we are heartened by the courage, resilience, and tenacity everyone has shown, and it gives us hope in a trying time.

Now, we need community members like you to keep the momentum going. Since launching our Covid Relief Fund for Impacted Workers just two days ago, community members have already raised nearly $6,000 for impacted works and families in the Jade District, but we still need your help.

Donate to the COVID Relief Fund to Support Impacted Workers at small businesses in the Jade District and in Washington County, who have been experiencing reduced hours and layoffs for many weeks. Help our community members with immediate needs that can’t wait for other relief to become available.

Our communities are suffering and many of our anchor small businesses are on the brink. While we expect businesses across the region to be severely impacted in the upcoming weeks, Asian-owned businesses have been impacted since January as a result of fear and xenophobia. Many working in Jade District have had their hours cut or been laid off despite business owners best efforts to keep staff on. The vast majority of those impacted are low income immigrants, and missing a paycheck can have devastating effects especially when you are trying to provide for small children, if you have expensive medications to pay for, or in many cases, if there are extended family members or elders who rely on you for support.

Your donation will go directly to members of the Jade District community (and now also to members in Washington County) who are being impacted and will be distributed by local social workers and trusted community leaders who are already providing direct services to these families. This will be an additional tool for folks in need to use for buying food and supplies, paying for medication, purchasing transportation, childcare items, or other items they need to make it through the month. Community anchors are already showing leadership and local business owner Michael Liu of Fubonn has already donated 50 gift cards to help our community through this hard time. We are now calling on all our community members to lend a hand too by donating to the Covid Relief Fund to Support Impacted Workers.

At APANO, we know that we are stronger together, and by supporting each other, we will get through this.

Thank you to our sponsors for Voices of Change, our annual celebration of API Heritage Month in May, who have generously agreed to support this relief effort in lieu of sponsoring our gala.

Nike Ascend Network

Umpqua Bank



Prosper Portland

Port of Portland

Oregon Asian Pacific American Bar Association

CHA Mortgage Company

Fubonn Shopping Center

Donate now!

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