January 16, 2018

Gurpreet Supports Measure 101

by Gurpreet, Community Member

As an Occupational Therapy Assistant and Sikh community volunteer, I frequently witness the effects accessible healthcare has on the mental and physical wellbeing of our community members. In the South Asian/Indian community, the effects are starkest among our elderly. Many worked in entry level jobs that paid minimum wage, and now, without enough saved up to purchase supplemental health insurance in retirement, Medicare and Medicaid is their only safety net.

I’m voting Yes on Measure 101 because these threats to Medicare and Medicaid mean our seniors are at high risk of not just losing preventive healthcare, but care when they need it most – ultimately worsening their chronic issues or landing them in hospitals with life-threatening health conditions. Take for example, our community member,a beloved 78 year old woman, who supported her children’s college education by working at a painting supply company. Without Medicare and Medicaid, her chronic conditions of hypertension, hypothyroidism, borderline diabetes and arthritis can seriously debilitate her.

I will be voting Yes on Measure 101 to make sure our seniors, disabled individuals, children, and hundreds of thousands of Oregonians continue receiving the healthcare they need and deserve. Will you join me in ensuring Oregon’s most vulnerable continue having a chance to be healthy no matter their financial resources, race/ethnicity, place of origin, or gender identity?


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