August 11, 2015

Jade International Night Market 2015: Speakers

Throughout this year's Jade International Night Market, elected officials and community leaders will be briefly speaking from the main performance stage. Speakers will be highlighting the importance of the Jade International Night Market and the Jade District as the site for community building and with a vision of striving for economic development without displacement. To read more about the theme of this year's night market, read our press release here.

Speakers for Saturday, August 15th

Sen. Michael Dembrow

1. Senator Michael Dembrow currently represents residents of NE and SE Portland and has done so since 2008, when he originally served as a state Representative. Senator Dembrow and his wife have called this area home for over thirty years and has a long history of public service. He serves on many legislative committees and is a member of the Oregon Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs.

Mayor Hales

2. Mayor Charlie Hales was drawn to Portland for its immense greenery and access to natural recreational features. First elected to city council, Hales worked to revitalize over 100 parks across the city to increase access to the natural amenities the city provides. Mayor Hales is professionally trained in transportation planning and was elected in 2012. He currently lives in eastmoreland with his wife and cat.

Michael Sonnleitner

3. Michael Sonnleitner represents zone 3 on the PCC board, where he has lived for over 12 years. Michael has taught at PCC for over 26 years, within his tenure he also taught in India as a Fulbright scholar. He and his wife are active in the community, belonging to several Montavilla community and neighborhood organizations.

Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer

4. Representative Alyssa Keny-Guyer has rooted her professional career in eliminating poverty and advocating for civil rights. After graduating from Stanford, Representative Keny-Guyer began her career in community development in Indonesia. Her Masters degree in Public Health, experience working for nonprofits and the legislature in Hawaii, among other experiences, have made her a fierce advocate for “public education, healthy neighborhoods...and underrepresented communities” in Oregon.

Speakers for Saturday, August 22nd

Stephen Ying_Small

1. Stephen Ying is an advocate and activist. Having served on over 10 boards of directors and volunteering for countless organizations, Stephen Ying currently serves as Chairperson on the Oregon Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs, a commission dedicated to the implementation and establishment of economic, social, legal, and political equality for Asian American & Pacific Islanders in Oregon.

Commissioner Steve Novick

2. Commissioner Steve Novick was born in Oregon and attending the University of Oregon before attending law school at Harvard University. As an environmental lawyer, Commissioner Novick served worked for the Justice Department where he held bad-actors accountable for environmental waste. Commissioner Novick returned to Oregon in ‘96 and currently lives in Multnomah village with his wife and two corgis!

PCC Sylvia Kelley

3. Sylvia Kelly brings a breadth of experience to PCC as interim president. Sylvia previously worked for PCC as the executive vice president, as Southern Oregon University’s Vice President for Development and Executive Director of the Foundation and for various colleges throughout Texas and California.

Commissioner Nick Fish

4. Commissioner Nick Fish has served the city since 2008, when he was first elected to city council. Commissioner Fish began his career in Massachusetts when he graduated from Northeastern school of law. In addition to his role as Commissioner, Nick volunteers his time on several advisory committees. Commissioner Fish and his wife, Patricia, have two children and currently reside in Northeast Portland.

Rep. Jessica Vega Pederson

5. Representative Jessica Vega Pederson was elected in 2012 and currently serves East Portland, including the Hazelwood neighborhood. Born to a steel worker and mother of three, Representative Pederson advocates for low-income and middle-class families in her district. Trained in the tech sector, Representative Pederson has worked for fortune 500 companies and hopes to bring such opportunities to members in her district through investments in early childhood education, science and technology research, and revenue reform.

Metro Bob Stacey

6. Bob Stacey serves as METRO councilor for district 6, which encompasses portions of NE, SE, and SW Portland. Councilor Stacey is a product of Oregon schools, having earned a degree from Reed and his Juris Doctor from University of Oregon. He currently lives in Southeast Portland with his wife, Adrienne, and daughter.

Julie Esparza Brown

7. Julie Esparza Brown is an associate professor at the School of Education at Portland State University. Prior to becoming a professor, Julie spent 15 years teaching bilingual education and special education in public schools, and worked as a bilingual school psychologist. She currently serves on the school board and is a proud mother of three children.

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