April 19, 2018

Learn more about APANO's May 2018 Endorsements

APANO, Oregon’s oldest and largest Asian and Pacific Islander advocacy organization, is pleased to share more about our slate of candidate endorsements for the May 15, 2018 Primary Elections! Ballots will arrive starting April 25 -- be sure to turn in your ballots by 8:00 pm, Tuesday May 15, 2018! Feeling inspired and want to get involved? Sign up to help with APANO’s campaign work here.

Kayse Jama -- Senate District 24 Democratic Primary -- (East Portland)

Kayse works as Executive Director at UNITE Oregon, with 20 years experience as a community advocate fighting for economic and social justice for all Oregonians. Kayse is a former Somali refugee with deep ties to immigrant communities -- his election will best lift up communities from immigrant/refugee, english second-language backgrounds, and communities affected by racial discrimination. He is the only candidate in the race who has not and will not take contributions from special interests or corporate PACs, and will bring a unique, progressive perspective to Salem. In the 2017 Legislative Session, Kayse fought for housing for all, education funding, and criminal justice reform.

Top Issues: Housing Protections, Immigrant and Refugee Rights, Healthcare for all

Why Kayse: “Senate District 24 covers large sections of East Portland and Happy Valley, home to more than 13,000 Asians and Pacific Islanders, representing 13+% of the district’s population,” said Kathy Wai, District 24 resident and Field Director at APANO. “Kayse Jama is a committed community leader with a longstanding track record of partnership with APANO. We hope to elevate a champion for communities like ours to the State Legislature, who is rooted in his own values that align with ours.”

“Kayse Jama’s campaign is not politics as usual. This campaign will engage first time voters -- immigrants, refugees, low-income, and people of color who help make this state more beautiful for all Oregonians. Kayse’s campaign is not just a moment in May, but a movement to build an Oregon that works for the many, not the few” said Robin Ye, Field Organizer at APANO.

Jo Ann Hardesty -- Portland City Council Position 3 -- (City-Wide)

Jo Ann is an experienced, local community activist fighting to make City Council work for regular people like us. She is a former state legislator also known for her past work as President of the Portland NAACP. If elected, Jo Ann would be the first woman of color ever elected to the Portland City Council, as well as the only City Councilor to live east of Cesar Chavez. She is a Navy Veteran and KBOO radio host for “Voices From the Edge.”

Top Issues: Safe Housing, Police Accountability, Environmental Justice

Why Jo Ann: “Portland is home to over 55,000 Asians and Pacific Islanders, representing 9% of the city’s population, and one of the fastest growing communities of color in Oregon,” said Kathy Wai, Field Director at APANO. “With the historic election of Jo Ann Hardesty, Portland will be gaining a thoughtful, passionate, and experienced community leader who can help elevate the voices of Portlanders long shut out of our political process. Jo Ann’s commitment to communities of color and advocacy skills to fight for Asians and Pacific Islanders will bring much needed representation to our city government, and APANO is excited to support her.”

Nick Fish -- Portland City Council Position 2 -- (City-Wide)

Nick is an effective city councilor and consistent supporter of APANO’s top issues. His campaign is the first to have a website translated into 4 different commonly spoken languages in Portland

Top Issues: Housing, Reforming Utilities, Protecting the Environment

Susheela Jayapal -- Multnomah County Commissioner 2 -- (N/NE Portland)

Susheela is an Indian immigrant, former attorney, and has a strong background in the non-profit and advocacy world here in Portland

Top Issues: Housing and houselessness, Work that works: Stable, living-wage jobs, Criminal justice reform

Deborah Kafoury -- Multnomah County Chair -- (County-Wide)

Deborah has been an effective County Chair, overseeing the largest government body in Portland and Multnomah County’s adoption of the Workforce Equity Strategic Plan

Top Issues: Housing and houselessness, Healthcare, Public Safety

Lynn Peterson -- Metro Council President -- (Metro Region-Wide)

Lynn is a civil engineer and former Clackamas County chair, and former top transportation official in Oregon and Washington.

Top Issues: Affordability, Healthy environment/economy, transportation

Jacqueline Leung -- Salem City Council Ward 4 (SE Salem)

Community Organizer with the COFA Alliance National Network (advocating for Salem’s Micronesian community and their community health needs) and long-time APANO member!

Top Issues: Houseless community, Affordable housing including renter rights, Job training and placement for communities of color

This programming message is brought to you by APANO, a 501c4 nonprofit organization.