February 22, 2018

March 2018 Cultural Work Roundup

/// March 2018 ///

Greetings, arts and culture friends! Spring is right around the corner, and there are plenty of great opportunities to support social justice and local artists of color. Check them out below!


  • Thursday, 3/1: Juice – Mark your calendars for the region’s celebration of arts and culture, Juice! Get your creative juices flowing with inspiring storytelling, performances and networking—all before 9 a.m. At Juice 2018, the Regional Arts & Culture Council (RACC) will be honoring artists, nonprofit organizations, business leaders and community members who have made a significant impact on the arts in the place we call home. 7:30am-9am. Portland Art Museum.
  • Thursday, 3/1: Portland in Color – The portrait series showcases folks with a multiplicity of disciplines and backgrounds; from visual artists, musicians, and astrologers, to writers, facilitators and organizers. Everyone featured has been additionally invited to activate the space with their talent, through a series of events and workshops throughout the month. The exhibit and opening event will include visual works by Sashiko Yuen, Maya Vivas and Saria Abubo Dy. 6pm-10pm. UNA Gallery.
  • Thursday, 3/1 - Saturday 3/3: Astucias por heredar un sobrino a un tío by Fermín de Reygadas – A long lost Comedy of Manners. In the Age of Revolution, Don Lucas is the archetypal wealthy provincial courtier. Hilarity ensues when his family and servants attempt trickery to get Don Lucas’ wealth turned over to them before his death. Social satire on class clashes and poetic language form this rich piece of literature and theater history, presented in commedia dell’arte style. 7:30pm. Milagro Theatre
  • Thursday 3/1 - Sunday 3/18: que hora son, mi corazón – Jade Mara Novarino is an artist who, for now, studies letterforms—the history and practice of calligraphy & stone engraving—, sends mail, makes paintings, video works, objects, and food. Her works express a constant desire to communicate, to be seen, heard, or found: especially so by her family, located in Southern California and Argentina. Across mediums, her work makes use of personal narrative, site-specificity, quotidian details, language, drawings, calligraphy, cut-outs, and references to artist, music, and people. 5pm-8pm. 819 N Russell.
  • Friday, 3/2: Esto Es Para Ti: zine launch to humanize DACA – As the March 5th DACA program deadline edges closer, we focus our attention on giving the stage to the undocumented narrative. Esto Es Para Ti is a growing zine collection of undocumented tales, art, and poems. Join us for the launch of the first two zines, and an evening of conversation, delicious Latin American food, drinks, a presentation of the zine project, and a live special musical guest! 7:30pm. The Headwaters Theatre.
  • Thursday, 3/8 - Sunday, 3/11: Portland's Inaugural South Asian American Arts Festival – This event is an an all-age, multi-cultural celebration that showcases and highlights South Asian arts and artists. Poets, musicians, story-tellers, dancers, and multi-media artists will present performances, demonstrations, and workshops. The Festival will also host community conversations and panel discussions on topics of social justice, the immigrant life, cross-cultural community and friendship, and youth initiatives. 10:00am-9:30pm. Portland Institute for Contemporary Art.
  • Friday, 3/9 & Saturday, 3/10: Water in the West: Community Art Workshop – You are invited to join the ‘Healing Flags’ workshop facilitated by Klamath Modoc artist Ka'ila Farrell-Smith at Milepost 5. Participating students and community members will respond to the theme 'Water in the West' by creating flags made out of fabric, utilizing screen-printed images, carved stamps, and colorful fabric markers. This project developed out of a need for community based art projects. The workshop consists of different stations to screen print, stamp, draw, write poetry, make cordage, and sew the flags together. It is encouraged to learn from one another and bridge creativity with the exchange of ideas. Friday, 4pm-9pm & Saturday, 10am-4pm. Milepost 5.
  • Sunday, 3/11: Latinas in Oregon History: Stories from the Latino Roots Project – Drawing from the Latino Roots in Oregon Project, professors Gabriela Martínez and Lynn Stephen will address the history and stories of contemporary Latinas whose contributions to our cultural, social, economic, and political life are significant and ongoing. They will showcase short selected videos with compelling women’s stories and will also discuss the challenges for first- and second-generation migrant women, including issues of gender asylum in the state of Oregon. 2pm-3:30pm. Oregon Historical Society.
  • Friday, 3/16: Portlanders Stand with Refugees & Immigrants – This will be a fun evening of live stage performances about what it means to be a refugee, immigrant, and Muslim in Portland. There will also be performances of different cultural music and dances. We hope that you will join in, but you are welcome to watch and mingle. We will have food carts on site serving throughout the evening. We invite you to have dinner here in the outdoor courtyard. 6pm - 9pm. East Portland Community Center.
  • Friday, 3/16, Saturday, 3/17, & Sunday, 3/18: Rebuilding Small Territories - Teatro Linea de Sombra (Mexico) – Mexico City-based Teatro Linea de Sombra performs the US premiere of their performative lecture, a documentary theatre portrait of a town in Colombia built and inhabited by women displaced by violence. In Spanish with live English translation; tickets from $12 at www.boomarts.org. Friday and Saturday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2pm, The Headwaters Theatre.
  • Monday, 3/26: History Pub: Women of the Civil Rights Movement – Event attendees will learn about the traditionally untold stories of the Civil Rights Movement, specifically the role of women of color. Speakers will share reflections on their work in the Oregon Civil Rights Movement — their struggles and greatest memories — as well as advice for young activists on how to get involved and what they can do to make a positive difference in their local communities. 7pm-8:30pm. Kennedy School.
  • Monday, 3/26: Black Feast: A Raisin In the Sun – Black Feast is a monthly vegan pop-up celebrating black artists and writers. This month we are celebrating Lorraine Hansberry's 1959 play "A Raisin In the Sun." A play that follows the lives of a black American family living in segregated Chicago. Hansberry completed this work at 27 and two years later received the New York's Drama Critic's Circle Award, making her the youngest playwright to do so. 6:30pm - 8:30pm. Feastly PDX.
  • Wednesday, 3/28: Minoru Yasui Day March for Justice and Screening of the Film “Never Give Up” – Minoru “Min” Yasui was the first-ever Oregonian awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award in the country, by President Barack Obama. We will walk from the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center (121 NW 2nd Avenue) to Portland Center Stage at The Armory, (128 NW 11th Ave) for a screening of “Never Give Up! Minoru Yasui and the Fight for Justice”, a documentary produced by Min’s daughter, Holly, and for recognition of the 2018 winners of the Minoru Yasui Essay Contest. 4pm-6pm, beginning at Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center.


  • R.I.S.E Artist Fellowship: R.I.S.E.: Radical Indigenous Survivance & Empowerment is an autonomous, self-funded artist/activist initiative awarding a $1,000 unrestricted Artist Fellowship to an Indigenous Queer, Gender Gradient/Non-Conforming, Trans, and Two-Spirit artist or poet. On the Rez, beyond the Rez, beyond the border of male or female or homo/heterosexual! Let’s evolve and reclaim our Indigenous sexualities and gender systems! Let’s infiltrate our Native communities with Queer lust, passion, love, art, poetry, and ceremony!

  • Discounted workshops for artists at the Regional Arts & Culture Council: APANO affiliates receive a $5 discount for professional development workshops using the code APANO2017. Link: RACC 2017 workshops.

/// More on the Cultural Work Roundup ///

The Cultural Work Roundup is a monthly spotlight on arts and cultural events and opportunities that:

  • Directly relate to our cultural work strategies to impact beliefs, actions and policies through centering the voices of those most impacted and silenced, resisting and shifting harmful narratives and ideas, and moving beyond defensive strategies to envisioning alternatives.
  • Centralize the voices of Oregon-based Asian and Pacific Islander artists and/or artists of color.

Events may include readings, exhibitions, festivals, openings, and performances. Opportunities may include calls for artistic submissions, grant and funding opportunities, and volunteer opportunities. The deadline for submissions is the third Monday of each month for events and opportunities that fall into the following month. For example, events and opportunities that take place in June are due to us by the third Monday in May.

The Cultural Work Roundup will be posted on our website and shared via digital communications platforms. Events and opportunities will be posted at our discretion based on alignment with our cultural work values. You may submit to the Cultural Work Roundup by filling out our Google Form at bit.ly/culturalworkroundup.

If you have any questions, please contact Cultural Work & Development Coordinator Candace Kita at candace@apano.org. Enjoy!

This programming message is brought to you by APANO Communities United Fund, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

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