May 16, 2018

May 15 Primary Elections Results

The election results are in from yesterday’s Primary election and the candidates and issues APANO championed came out big winners! Six of the seven candidates APANO endorsed won, and history was made in several races! Congratulations to voters in Oregon who helped make history last night!

Jacqueline Leung, an APANO member and Salem Micronesian Community organizer, made history -- becoming the first person of color to serve on Salem City Council after defeating the incumbent City Council President with 53% percent of the vote. This was Jackie’s first time running and we couldn’t be more excited for the residents of Salem to have her leadership!

In Portland, Jo Ann Hardesty placed first in the race for Portland City Council Position #3 with 46% of the vote and advanced to a November run-off. No matter what, Portland will elect its first woman of color in November 2018, and APANO will do everything in its power to put Hardesty on the City Council! Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish won re-election with 62% of the vote and earned himself another 4 years guiding Portland.

Meanwhile in the Portland Metro area, a host of great women candidates won high office. Indian American and API candidate Susheela Jayapal won 61 percent of the vote and will serve as a Multnomah County Commissioner for North and Northeast Portland starting next year. Multnomah County Chair Deborah Kafoury was easily re-elected to a second term with 71 percent of the vote. Lynn Peterson won 78 percent of the vote and will serve as the new Metro President starting January 2019.

The Beaverton School District Teachers Levy to pay for teachers and reduced class sizes, which APANO supported, was approved by more than 70 percent of voters.

APANO’s lone disappointment this May 2018 Election came in Oregon Senate District 24, where Kayse Jama won 17.5 percent of the vote after being outspent and out-fundraised by an 9 to 1 ratio. We are proud to have supported Kayse’s positive, grassroots campaign, a movement that together raised $46,185 (not a single dollar from corporatations, PACs, or special interests), knocked on 20,000 doors in the district and outreached to community in 8 different languages -- something never before seen. We thank Kayse for empowering people to get engaged in the political process and reaching out to members in our community too often left behind.

Every door YOU helped knocked on and every phone call YOU helped make brought us closer and closer to our goals of building Asian and Pacific Islander power in Oregon. This was APANO’s first slate of candidate endorsements in a Primary Election and we continue to learn more each election cycle. We would love for you to get involved in our c4 political work for the November 2018 General Election! If you are interested, please contact Robin Ye, APANO’s Lead Political Organizer, at

Thanks as always for your support!

APANO Endorsed Candidates May 2018 RESULTS

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Winner! -- Jacqueline Leung elected Salem City Council Ward 4 (SE Salem)

Winner! -- Jo Ann Hardesty advances to run-off for Portland City Council Position 3

Winner! -- Nick Fish elected Portland City Council Position 2

Winner! -- Susheela Jayapal elected Multnomah County Commissioner 2 (N/NE Portland)

Winner! -- Deborah Kafoury elected Multnomah County Chair

Winner! -- Lynn Peterson elected Metro Council President

Does not advance to General -- Kayse Jama not elected Senate District 24 Democratic Nomination (East Portland)

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