November 7, 2019

Meet the Newest Members of APANO's Board

Please join us in welcoming the newest members of our board, and learn more about our existing board members! Our board members help lead and guide the direction of APANO and our work in the community. Joining the APANO and APANO Community United Fund boards are Manumalo “Malo” Ala’ilima, Virginia Luka, Nhi Nguyen, Michele Ruffin, and Cleo Tung. The APANO board members help to deepen and fully realize APANO's mission, vision, and values and will help guide the creation of APANO's new strategic plan starting in 2020. We are excited to have a talented and passionate board of directors to help guide and lead APANO's work.

APANO C3 Board

Manumalo “Malo” Ala’ilima, a Samoan American butch lesbian and ”fa’atane,” Samoan for “in the manner of a man,” has extensive experience in community organizing and nonprofit leadership and has been in Portland for five years. Malo co-founded and is the co-chair for UTOPIA PDX, which provides sacred spaces for QTPIs – Queer and Transgender Pacific Islanders. Continue reading.

Virginia Luka, M.S. was born in Palau and raised on Guam before moving to Oregon 16 years ago. She graduated from Portland State University with a Masters of Science in Educational Leadership and Policy with an emphasis is Leadership for Sustainability Education in 2016. Continue reading.

Nhi Nguyen, MSF is a Strategic Planning Consultant at Legacy Health, where she supports the leadership team in their decisions related to the strategic growth and business development. Her work portfolio includes facility planning, healthcare community needs assessment, partnership evaluation, and merger and acquisition planning. Continue reading.

Cleo Tung, M.phil(C3 Board Secretary) is the Development Director of Partnership for Safety and Justice, an advocacy group that advances policy reforms in Oregon to reduce incarceration and better address the needs of both crime survivors and people convicted of a crime. Previously, she worked in development at UCLA, where her focus was on increasing access to STEM education. Continue reading.

APANO C4 Board

Michele Ruffin is currently the Oregon Advocacy Manager at Forward Together. She directs the Oregon state-based program toward policy wins and effective culture shift campaigns. In 2018, Michele led Forward Together’s canvass team aimed at defeating Measure 106 by building relationships with voters of color and having long-form conversations about abortion access at the door. Continue reading.