February 12, 2014

Mutual Aid Child Care Feb 20-26 for API Families

We are seeking volunteers needed to support API families!

Do you like working with kids? Do you have a car to transport lunch? Do you have any art supplies, classroom materials, or games to lend?

In the event that Portland Association of Teachers goes on strike, APANO recognizes that one of the biggest challenges for API families with children in Portland will be for those without alternatives for childcare. This is particularly important for those with the fewest resources and support. APANO recognizes that mutual aid is a principle of community strength, and caring for each other is a time honored tradition.

In order to support families in the event of a strike, we are seeking qualified volunteers to support a childcare center for affected families of K-5 students. Without an agreement, the earliest strike date is Thursday February 20. If you are interested and able to play any of the following roles, please tell us more about what you can contribute:

  • Are you a high school student or community member who likes working with K-5 ages group? Please sign up to be a volunteer childcare provider!

  • Do you have a car? We will need volunteers to pick up and deliver lunch.

  • Are you a restaurant owner or caterer? Can you donate a lunch?

  • Are you a small business owner? Can you donate school supplies and/or art supplies?

Click here to volunteer or donate!

Questions? Contact Rinna Rem at rinna.vickie@gmail.com or (503) 415-9521.