April 16, 2013

Oregon Advocacy Commissions Update

The Oregon Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs is appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. They are one of 4 advocacy commissions that address API, Hispanic, Women and Black affairs. Here are some highlights of work:

  • An expanded section in the Status of Oregon Women Report with essential data on women of color, wage disparities and incarcerated women.
  • The OCBA’s and OCHA’s first public policy report on hate crime protections in Oregon, working with the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Unit and Willamette Law Student, Wes García. This supported the effort that became HB 3480, relating to bias crimes, strengthening Civil remedies for such crimes in the 2013 session.
  • Descriptions of five Public Policy Internships for Masters, PhD and Law Students, who served with the Advocacy Commissions on subjects that included education gaps, wage disparities, hate crimes, and incarcerated women.
  • A report on a new OCAPIA partnership and a highly successful conference for small business owners with APACC (Asian Pacific American Chamber of Commerce) and the Governor’s Office.
  • Reports on Legislative Days and testimony by all the Advocacy Commissions along with Community Partners: Urban League of Portland, APANO (Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon), Oregon Latino Action Agenda, AAUW (American Association of University Women) and the League of Women Voters.

The Commissions also worked collaboratively to host a joint legislative forum with five State agencies and the Governor’s Office, covering health, education, jobs, housing, and others.

Did you see the Commission Chairs at City Club of Portland’s Friday Forum this Spring? You can see their presentation here: PDX City Club Friday Forum Archive.

Oregon Advocacy Commissions’ 2013 Reports to the Legislature:

Oregon Commission on Asian and Pacific Islander Affairs (OCAPIA) Report

Oregon Commission on Black Affairs (OCBA) Report

Oregon Commission on Hispanic Affairs (OCHA) Report

Oregon Commission for Women (OCFW) Status of Oregon Women and Activities Report

Link to Oregon Advocacy Commissions Office brochure

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