June 10, 2015

Place/Displace: A Jade-Midway Reading on June 25th

WHAT: APANO Arts and Media Collective and Tell It Slant Reading Series present Place/Displace: A Jade­Midway Reading
WHERE: JAMS (Jade/APANO Multicultural Space) 8114 SE Division St.
WHEN: June 25, 2015
Doors at 7, Show begins at 7:30

Tell It Slant Reading Series (www.facebook.com/tellitslantreadingseries) and APANO AMC are collaborating to host an evening of multi­genred readings by writers within the Jade and Midway Districts on place, displacement, gentrification and dual identity. Our hope is that by bringing voices together on these topics, we can enrich the dialogue and make a positive step towards addressing these issues within the surrounding communities. We are also excited at the chance to showcase the work of literary artists from within these neighborhoods.

This event was made possible thanks to the Jade-­Midway Placemaking Projects grants.

Admission is free. Refreshments will be available.

APANO Arts & Media Collective: T​he purpose of the Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon (APANO) Arts & Media Collective is to provide a space for Asian and Pacific Islander communities in the Portland Metropolitan area to engage with APANO’s mission and initiatives through creative and artistic methods. We encourage members to embrace their stories, strengthen their communication skills, and confidently express their experiences. By elevating API voices through a mix of traditional and nontraditional practices, the Arts & Media Collective seeks to increase capacity for arts and media activism to thrive at APANO.

Tell It Slant (TIS) Reading Series ​is, according to the Portland Mercury, “one of the warmest and most well­-curated reading series in town.” (7/30/14) Since launching in January of 2014, the series has featured many of Portland’s favorite emerging writers, musicians, poets and artists, as well as visiting writers. TIS alumni include: Emily Kendal Frey, Evan P. Schneider, Laura Gibson, Nick Jaina, Trevino Brings Plenty, Neal Hall, Dao Strom, Annalisa Tornfelt and many more. TIS readings strive to represent writers of all genres, including multimedia and “fourth genre” work. The TIS mission is to provide a supportive, inclusive platform for writers that enables them to celebrate their age­old roles as storytellers and entertainers, and fortify a sense of community among writers. TIS was founded and is hosted by Danielle Frandina.

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