December 8, 2015

Small Business Spotlight: Mojo Crepes

by Merrie-Chris Agag
Jade District Coordinator

Jonathan Hopkins, the owner of Mojo Crepes, has been in the business for six years. Mojo Crepes is located on 84th and Division, where his main target audience has been the Asian community. He wanted to focus more on the Asian population because the demographics in the Jade District are heavily focused on Asians. But that was six years ago and now that time has passed and the Jade community is expanding, Jonathan welcomes any population from different ages to ethnicity. Mojo Crepes isn’t just for youth or high school students to hangout after school but welcomes any age groups.

Jonathan was born and raised in Portland and received his degree in Business. He and his best friend of 14 years decided to open up a restaurant, his best friend specializing with a degree in Marketing. How did these two get the name “Mojo?” They combined the first two letters of their names. At first, it was supposed to be a bar, but realized that since crepes are more popular in San Francisco and other big cities, Portland needed to have a crepes restaurant as well. Their ingredients are made 90% fresh which includes fruits and their ice cream is made from a locally owned business in Oregon.

Jonathan would like to expand his business but said he would need to open another crepes restaurant in the right place and the right time. Jonathan explained that, "Because Portland is not a really good place to open up a small business with all of the recent fees and taxes increasing. Challenges also include hiring more employees and figuring out who will manage the second Mojo Crepes." Mojo Crepes has a 5 year contract with their space and is currently two to three years in. They currently have two employees with many helpers who are family members and friends.

Jonathan shared advice to those aspiring to open up a small business, “Don’t talk yourself out of it. Don’t give up. Don’t think you can’t do it on your own”says Jonathan. He and his former partner/best friend started from the bottom that included asking for a loan from a bank which still was not enough to cover other expenses and using their own personal credit cards.

Mojo Crepes is located on the corner of 84th and SE Division Street right next to Blue Sky Bubble Tea Cafe.

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