April 3, 2013

Things Don't Stop After One Victory - We Continue Building

April 2nd 2013 was a day that took years to achieve. Tuition Equity finally passed the Senate and the House. After over a decade of strong activism, grassroots movement building, and never-ending-organizing, Tuition Equity for undocumented students became a reality with Governor Kitzhaber’s signature that day.

With its passage into law, Oregonians have recognized that access to an education is, without a doubt, an essential component to raising the quality of life for all individuals, across all communities. Tuition Equity is a shining example of the work that can be done when we stand united to accomplish major things, both big and small.

A lot can be said when a major victory is won. We celebrate, we rejoice in our allies and appreciate the work that went into this effort.

But we don't end there. We can't let our alliances, our relationships and our achievements drop.

Being proactive and making our voices heard is not something we do a single time. We are proactive when we vote and get out the vote, we are engaged when we lift our voices in community forums and town halls, and we are educated when we critically weigh the facts of debates held with decision makers.

When we form our own opinions and views - and share them, we contribute in meaningful ways. When we stand in solidarity, we are heard and visible. With victories in education and progress towards health equity, we have the opportunity to continue a movement and stand together in bringing conversations directly to our elected officials.

And our April 15th Asian and Pacific Islander Legislative Day does just that.

APANO’s 2013 Asian and Pacific Islander Legislative Day is an opportunity for us as community leaders to continue our movement forward by bringing our collective concerns to the Capitol.

Legislative Day is our chance to make a stand, communicate our issues directly to the folks who make the decisions that affect all our lives.

Registration is free, transportation options available, and free food provided.

Join us, make your voice heard, and our communities visible - because things don't stop after one victory.

In Solidarity,

Sokho Eath


Asian and Pacific Islander Legislative Day

April 15th 2013

Oregon State Capitol, Salem, OR

Register here: http://bit.ly/13SqOG6

For More Information - contact: sokho@apano.org

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