October 16, 2016

VOTE Partner Spotlight: Chinese American Citizens Alliance (C.A.C.A.)

As part of our civic engagement work, APANO has partnered with 5 API-specific organizations to collaborate on and deepen efforts to increase reach and support for the diverse API community throughout Oregon. This spotlight series aims to lift up our partner organizations and the great work they're doing.

To deepen civic engagement with the Chinese American and Asian American communities, the Chinese American Citizens Alliance (C.A.C.A.) Portland Lodge applied for a grant from APANO to increase voter registration, voter participation, and sustained community involvement. C.A.C.A. is excited to be one of five non-profits selected for funding. C.A.C.A. has, in turn, partnered with several non-profits to outreach to different segments of the diverse Asian community in an effort to register 300 voters, schedule forums for ballot measure and candidate discussions, and initiate drives to encourage the return of ballots by Election Day on November 8th. A strategic community outreach effort is focused on the Chinese-speaking, senior citizen population where many of these individuals have registered to vote for the very first time even though they have lived in the U.S. for many years.

C.A.C.A. seeks to empower and educate Chinese Americans in the duties and responsibilities of responsible citizenship. For over 100 years, the Alliance has fought against racial discrimination, defended civil rights, opposed anti-immigration movements, and countered efforts to marginalize American Chinese culture and heritage. Each of the 18 chartered lodges across the U.S. is dedicated to enhancing civic pride, supporting community services, and promoting responsible citizenship.

To learn more about or get involved with C.A.C.A., visit their website at http://www.cacaportland.org/