We Called, We Counted, and We Drew

Redistricting is a process that follows the Census, which redraws district lines every ten years to account for population changes. In Oregon, the Legislature is responsible for creating and passing a Redistricting plan. Their process starts with an initial map drafted by the Redistricting committee. The community gives feedback about these maps and […]

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3 things I’ve learned about South Asian Solidarity with Black Liberation

To end Black History Month, we’re featuring our Policy Director Richa Poudyal and three things she’s learned about South Asian solidarity with Black liberation. 

I’m reflecting on my own role in Black liberation as a young, class and caste privileged, first generation Nepali-American in the United States. Here are 3 things I’ve […]

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APANO Calls for Removal of Representative Diego Hernandez

APANO stands in solidarity with over 140 organizations and individuals calling for the Oregon State Legislature to hold Representative Diego Hernandez accountable for allegations of abuse and harassment that have been substantiated in a recent investigation. We had long considered Rep. Hernandez an ally in the legislature, collaborating […]

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APANO’s Commitment to Black Lives

Photo credit: Black Lives Matter Resource Page

At APANO, we unequivocally support Black Lives Matter and acknowledge our own role within systems that uphold and protect white supremacy. We recognize that we all benefit from anti-Blackness because we exist in a society that was built on the forced-labor and exploitation of Black […]

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May 2020 Primary Election Endorsement Process

“We do not take democracy for granted. We feel it grow in our working together—many millions of us working toward a common purpose. If it took us several decades of sacrifice to arrive at this faith, it is because it took us that long to know what part of America is ours.”

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